March and April Updates!
03 Apr 2016

As always we are updating the server! The updates for March and April may not look so big, but in reality there was a lot more that happened that is shown here. I wish we could go in such details, but its not that all... Read More

December, January, and February Updates!
01 Feb 2016

We have had a strong focus on website updates recently, as you can see below we now have tons new guides, fixed/finished up old ones, gallery updates, feature page updates and many other website updates including many... Read More

September, October, November Updates!
17 Nov 2015

Here are our most recent updates. We made a lot of changes, and introduced new things into the server, such as tattoos and custom ways to level up soul crystals. Along with bringing back our invasion events. There wer... Read More

July and August Updates!
12 Aug 2015

What we have been working on most lately is to help prevent problems before they actually happen, thus making it where we use more time on more iportant things, like server developement. For example updates making it ... Read More

April, May, and June Updates!
04 Jun 2015

One of the major things we have accomplished lately is is GM reform. As most of you have noticed that there are more GMs online more often then ever, and it we plan on continueing this. Great GM support is a huge prio... Read More

April-May Video Contest!
21 Apr 2015

We are having a Video Contest!

Winners will get the following....
- 1st place 35$ donation credit and 3 Crystal Enchant Scrolls (100% enchant rate), 25 Giants Codex Mastery, and an A Grade ... Read More

February and March Updates!
22 Mar 2015

We finally finished up R grade Armors for .dressme, now we have started a new kind of customization option. We now have .dressme for weapons and we plan on continuing to release weapon sets as we go on to encourage ev... Read More

Nov, Dec, and Jan Updates!
26 Jan 2015

Lots of improvements these last few months, releasing more R grade armors to .dressme, enriching our already existing features like Rebirthing and making them better. Enhancing PvP rewards and incentives to makes thin... Read More

October Updates!
14 Oct 2014

Plenty of updates this last month, and with lots more things for players to do and have fun with. Such as Dimensional Portals, and R Grade Armor tokens for .dressme. A lot of our users were having issues with our old ... Read More

June, July, Aug, Sept Updates!
16 Sep 2014

These last several months we have expreienced what we believe is the biggest and fastest changes and enhancements in our servers history compared to any other similar time frame. Which is a lot to say given we have be... Read More

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