October Updates!
14 Oct 2014

Plenty of updates this last month, and with lots more things for players to do and have fun with. Such as Dimensional Portals, and R Grade Armor tokens for .dressme. A lot of our users were having issues with our old ... Read More

June, July, Aug, Sept Updates!
16 Sep 2014

These last several months we have expreienced what we believe is the biggest and fastest changes and enhancements in our servers history compared to any other similar time frame. Which is a lot to say given we have be... Read More

Scheduled Downtime
19 Aug 2014

We will be migrating to a new host SOON (approximately Wednesday around 4:00 PM PST GMT-7 which is 24:00 GMT+0), because our current host has been giving us too many problems lately, and we w... Read More

New Patch Needed to Login!
01 Jul 2014

You will need our new patch to login! You can get it here: NEW PATCH


We are also haveing a Double Event Prizes and Double Kinship Crystal... Read More

May, April, March Updates!
15 May 2014

PvP on our server has been forever changed! We have added a new concept to L2 called Assists. Now the person who gets the last hit in PvP is not the only person who can get credit for killing a target, this includes s... Read More

February and Updates!
24 Feb 2014

We have entered the month of a February. I can confidently label the new player tracking system successful it has drastically improved new players out look in the server, and encourages them to stay longer, and makes ... Read More

January and Updates!
12 Jan 2014

It is now January, happy new years to everyone! We have experienced a lot this year, and the server is evolved substantially in a good way. I can only see this trend continuing, by becoming even better. Thank you to a... Read More

December and Updates!
13 Dec 2013

It is the last month of 2013, our goal of easing the process for new players joining the server is becoming a reality, we have made a lot of progress and we will continue forward. Some major things we have seen this m... Read More

November Updates!
12 Nov 2013

This last month we have seen a pretty big change in the server with the introduction of Bound items and an overhaul of how vote prizes work. These changes are overall for the better and making it easier for new ... Read More

October and September Updates!
01 Oct 2013

It is now October! We recently had some updates that require a new patch so make sure to download it from our connect page. We have seen some great changes lately including new Event Modes, the implementation of Bound... Read More

July and August Updates!
10 Aug 2013

Here is our list of updates from the last two months, we should revert back to the 1 month posts after this one, there was a delay due to the new website among other things. As usual players have seen quite a bit of i... Read More

June and May Updates!
04 Jun 2013

We have had a rocky last few months due to being targets of DDoS attacks, and some other problems such as some ISPs having our IP blocked for many users. Though things are finally turning around we now have a DDoS pro... Read More

April Updates!
01 Apr 2013

We have had a substancial change this last month, we now have lameguard the best anti-bot system out there, on top of that we had a new patch that introduced more welcomes changes. If your interested to see who has th... Read More

March Updates!
01 Mar 2013

Its a new month and we have seen a great new feature added to the server, Achievements, players will be rewarded for completing special tasks, with items and achievement points. Players will also be ranked based on th... Read More

February and Updates!
01 Feb 2013

As many of you already know we are currently having a video contest, it is set to end on February 9th so make sure you submit your entry by then. Other then that there is some big updates coming later this month so ke... Read More

January and Updates!
01 Jan 2013

Happy new year to everyone! We hope everyone had a good Christmas/Holidays as well. We had an excellent banner contest this last month, that yeilded great results, thanks to everyone who participated. Here is what has... Read More

December and Updates!
01 Dec 2012

Its a new month, and we are currently having a banner contest, it ends on December 10th, so far its going great! For more information check the forums, or type .contest in game. As usual here is the list of updates fo... Read More

November and Updates!
01 Nov 2012

L2 Equanimity is now entering November 2012. This month Freya was added along with quests leading up to raiding her. We also had our first XP/SP/Adena rate increase event for Halloween! We are going to have a contest ... Read More

October and Updates!
01 Oct 2012

Its now October, we have some exciting updates coming up this month, we plan to have the Freya raid up and running along with the quests that are leading up to it, so keep an eye on the news window! Also we added an i... Read More

September and Updates!
01 Sep 2012

Wanted to remind everyone one more time about our new policy, that we will be deleting inactive accounts that have not been logged in for 18 or more months! We also now have a YouTube channel, we encourage everyone to... Read More

August and Updates!
01 Aug 2012

I would like to inform everyone that we will soon be implementing a new policy in which we will delete any characters that have not logged in for 18 months (1.5 years) , so if you know some old players try to contact ... Read More

July and Updates!
01 Jul 2012

Its a new month, here is what has happened recently. New player bonuses had a big make over and changed quite a bit. It has never been easer for a new player to start L2 Equanimity!
2 WE... Read More

March and Updates!
01 Mar 2012

I hope everyone is enjoying our new King of the Hill Event. Keep an eye on the forums and in game, we will be having a contest soon!

February and Updates!
01 Feb 2012

Beleth is now raidable, though its quite custom, but alteast everyone can get Beleth's Ring now. Here are last months list of updates!
- A new CTF map has been added, though its... Read More

January and Updates!
01 Jan 2012

Its a new year, new heroes, new month, new cheaters..... Happy new year everyone, some people got their hero removed this month for cheating. Anyways on to the important stuff. Here is the updates from the last month,... Read More

December and Updates!
01 Dec 2011

We are now on Facebook, look us up or click L2 Equanimity on Facebook Check out our news for this month!
... Read More

September and Updates!
01 Sep 2011

Its a new month, and that means a list of our updates! We have seen alot of improvements this last month including High Five, Event Rankings / Scoreboards for all Events.HIGHLIGHTS: HIGH FIVE, EVENT RECORDS/SC... Read More

High Five!
05 Aug 2011

The server is now High Five, everyone will need to make sure they have a High Five Client and our new system folder, check out our how to connect page!
All the new skill information is simply too big to put in th... Read More

August and Updates!
01 Aug 2011

As always lots of updates this month, but unfortunately we have quite the feeding problem too, the people cought have been punished and several more anti feed measures will be introduced in the near future. High Five ... Read More

July and Updates!
01 Jul 2011

Alot of Event updates this last month, our NEW Capture the Point Event (CTP) our new mode for DM , Death Match Survival (DMS), our afk prevention in Events, our new Team Chat feature, and also how we filter out player... Read More

June and Updates!
01 Jun 2011

We have successfully implemented an online vote reward system which should help everyone and encourage voting! As always we have experienced alot of updates for this last month, here is what changed!
... Read More

April and Updates!
01 Apr 2011

As usual here is a big list of updates we had this last month. Grats to the new heroes as well! You can look forward to tons of updates in April too.  
HIGHL... Read More

March and Updates!
01 Mar 2011

As usual here is a list of updates we had the previous month. I would also like to note that the website and forums got some nice updates. We now host our website and forums and they now support PHP so account service... Read More

February and Updates!
01 Feb 2011

As usual here is a list of updates we had the previous month. We have seen the server grow a lot this month and we hope to see that continue!