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 New life. 

Would you come back if there was a server wipe?
Yes 44%  44%  [ 8 ]
No 56%  56%  [ 10 ]
Total votes : 18

 New life. 
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Post New life.
Good Morning!

I came up with a suggestion a while ago: opening a 2nd server.

I've been gone for over a year now, only logging in for 10 minutes to avoid my character being deleted. Whenever i come in, i see the same 20-30 people logged in, not doing much.

I now dont think a 2nd server is a good idea... i think there should be a fresh start for everyone, and avoid the donations for epic jewels.

Time for a wipe?

Leave your comments.

Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:38 am

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Post Re: New life.
I vote No cuz i dont want after all these years i play here start from zero just cuz newppl QQ.

I say yes to the option of add standard prices to all items or most needed(+20 i mean) even if that cost me/us.
With cost us i mean a weapon buyed for 200b(now day prices) and from nowhere come up to 80-90b. I dont care, personaly i can affort that lost rather lose all my items that faked for them.

I say yes to add more items in server.Cosmetics? yes why not...
More items-more marketing

I say yes to make 1 only main source of money.This momment we have around 6 if i am not mistake.(adena/fa/ge/aa/kc,apiga)
In mind maybe seems better but somehow its became a mess with all of them.

I say yes to add bracelet to vote with anythink add in it.

I say yes to remake drops of rbs/events

And i have more but these i have in mind this moment.

No offence to your opinion ofc, i just see diferent the problem. That all.



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Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:16 am

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Post Re: New life.
popcorn time ! :D go on :D

Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:29 am
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Post Re: New life.
I'm w8ing for this.


mess with the best die like the rest

Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:48 pm

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Post Re: New life.
One thing we can do instead of wipe is locking chars to clean status.
I really dunno if it is possible buyt you can have all old chars be unable to wear their gear f and reset their skills (or make them have the effects of +0) for 2 months so we are forced to start farming and that way new ppl can catch up. after the 2 months period all things locked out should return back to normal with new ppl having gear as well.
I hope youy understand my thinking even though im pretty sure it sucks xD

But on the topic, I am also against server wipe.....I'm also once of the ppl who invested a fuckload of time in this server and my char is still good even now and it would honestly suck and most likely deter me from playing again if everything was lost...


Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:23 pm

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Post Re: New life.
All qqing about luck of ppl but none wants a new begin.

Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:25 am

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Post Re: New life.
Bruno wrote:
All qqing about luck of ppl but none wants a new begin.

I QQ about luck of ppl but why i have lose my items for them??Isnt other ways?They pay me back the time (and money ofc) that spend all these years here?
When i started here i made +20 weapon on my duelist(1st char here) after 3-4 months....and i can say i played a lot.I dont talk about set....that took me a year almost.
Now?On 2 week or i say on month to be good, you have a +16 set pvp full at least.

-As i write adove remake drops of RB's and Events. So they will get highend equop more fast and ++ skills.
Also this will come with more pvp ofc cuz every1 will go for RB's
Worry about new ppl/clans cant raid with old ppl/clans? Make Epics raid for 1 month no pvp for them only.
More better? Make Epic and maybe all RB 1 time pvp 1 time safe.

-Other servers have Blue vs Red mode on open area.Why not here? Its very good option.
Also no forget the dynamic farm areas that Balls said

-Add more cosmetics and skins.YES more cloaks/sets/weapons. Ppl want these stuff in dead game by age like L2.

-Vote! Vote atm is worthless. Make it worth it really. I said(and other ppl said) about Bracelet with stats.How +5-10% hp will effect pvp? Really...
Also we no have talismans as others(restore hp/explosion/divine etc) that will harm pvp.Why no make 6 slot bracelet? Our talismans is already know that on pvp is balance. 5%mdef? ouaou....saved mage dmg 3k...

-Kenchan said about lock old chars....idk if this posible...but if it is i will agree with that...1-2-3 months?
Cant do that? Make somethink similar...but delete all cuz new ppl cant kill the player that spend LOT time here seems unfair?
Btw all servers that i played during the dead period here ,all of them wiped...and guess...the lost many ppl!!But they play with donation-based so /care for old players

-Some say about 2nd server....
I will drop this...If all these cant or no want happend make a 2nd server(its like a fresh start) and after 2-3-4? months or a year dont care ,merge them.Old ppl will have their items and new ppl will have their.They want a boost right?

-I cant speak about oly....isnt my side there....but Balls maybe somethink can do about that.

Lot ways exist rather wipe.....its all about Balls time!!



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Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:11 pm
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Post Re: New life.
Not going to wipe guys, even if people voted for it. The people who visit the forum don't represent the population as a whole.

Even if it did, im still not doing it, because sometimes people don't know whats best. The reason for that, they don't have all the information/experience available to them to make a proper informed decision that effects everyone.


Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:53 am
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