October and Updates!

01 Oct 2012

Its now October, we have some exciting updates coming up this month, we plan to have the Freya raid up and running along with the quests that are leading up to it, so keep an eye on the news window! Also we added an international section to the forums, if your language is not there and you want to partiicpate in forum discussions, let me know!.

- Remember Freya should be raidable sometime this month! If you would like to get a head start on raiding Freya, a few quests leading up to Freya that are currently doable, just go to Frozen Labyrinth and talk to Rafforty, the quests are "The Other Side of the Truth" and "Request of Ice Merchant".
- Olympiad arenas will now be randomized.
- Added 2 new weapon glows to our GM Shop services, Blue - Green, and Flashing Green.
- Made it where Olympiad doesnt turn off your auto soul shots when you enter... not sure the point of turning it off. Should lead to less people "accidently" not turning on their ss.
- Fixed some geodata problems in regards to the TvT map Frozen Labyrinth in the area around the statue, thanks celmor for reporting.
- Made various fun items/weapons and accessories tradeable/sellable/depositable thx BestTrader for reporting.
- Fixed some issues with team chat when using the ` symbol, it wasnt working in setup mode for ctp, and had issues in KOTH.
- Switched over GM Shop/GK/Buffer to halloween themed npcs for october.
- Minimum amount of players needed to start a class irrelevant match in oly has been taken back up to 4, it was decreased to 3 before due the past recession, I think we are ready to bring it up again.
- Fixed a problem where players were getting damage added to their overall damage for an oly match even if someone was attacking a petrified target, this is now fixed, thx Allora for reporting.
- Added a new FaQ section "How can I help the server".
- Keep in mind , even if news updates look sparce doesnt mean we are not working on stuff, for example Freya is in full development, and i can give a rough estimate it will be here in maybe a month, lets see what happens :).
- Improved event logging some more, if your not sure what this means, it means we record more data about events that lets us improve the way teams are balanced.
- Added Face lift potions to the Voting area of the GM Shop.
- Added a new FaQ section "How do I report a bot" read it!
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to attack eachother while the event was in setup mode.
- Added an International forum section with specific language sub groups, if your language is not there and you think you will participate on the forums, feel free to let me know and ill make you a section.
- Adena drop rates at FoR have been increased again by 25%.
- Events now have a waiting list in which you can check who is currently signed up, this feature is only applied to our events using our new event engine so CTP, KOTH, and TvT others will follow in the near future.
- Sorry guys, caused a bug with yesterdays update that screwed up being able to obtain most weapon glows, this is now fixed.
- Minor fix, when fixing the above issue noticed it was taking peoples 1 cracked kinship crystal even if they didnt meet the glow requirements, this was a pre existing bug, its now fixed.
- Lowered the cost of GCM at Fortress NPCs from 1800 KE to 850 and some extra adena, hopefully this is a aproximately a fair value for our KE drop rate.
- 2 new glows have been added to the GM Shop > Services > Wep. Glows, they require event points though.
- Fixed an issue with valley fortress in which the spawn positions when its owned were incorrect and you were spawning on the roof, thanks kampfsau for reporting.
- Now in KOTH if both teams have equal players on the hill, the team that is losing will get some points, half the normal value for having a hill.
- Players can now double click the Hill NPC in KOTH and it will bring up a stat window like .koth would.
- Improved Event logging.
- Updated the website/facebook page with septembers news post.
- The mass dcs that happen at the end of events "should" be fixed, let us know! If an Event has around 30 or more particpants the score boards will be split into seperate pages, there will be a "switch Page" button to to it, it was added to help fix the dcs, it had to do with the client having a html length limit.
- There was a problem where summons were attacking through walls in oly, this should now be fixed, thx celmor for reporting.
- Fixed an issue with "last event stats" where it would show invalid information for CTF, like top player etc, keep in mind it doesnt even support that new feature anyway, it will when its rewritten using our new event engine.
- Fixed a problem where people couldnt use .tc in tvt to team chat after we updated it to our new event engine, thx celmor for reporting.