December and Updates!

01 Dec 2012

Its a new month, and we are currently having a banner contest, it ends on December 10th, so far its going great! For more information check the forums, or type .contest in game. As usual here is the list of updates for this last month .

- Clan Hall weekly rental rates have increased to the following, Top grade clan halls such as Adena are now 700m a week, mid grade ones such as Schuttgart are 600m a week, and the lowest grade ones such as gludin are 500m a week. This has been done to make sure inactive clans lose their clan halls, and newer clans on the server can actually acquire them. Note this is actually an update that happened several months ago... but i didnt apply the update correctly lol, so it never really happened. Make sure you have enough adena in your clan wh!
- DM/DMS has been rewritten to work with our new Event Engine (simular to how TvT, KOTH, CTP, CTF have been recently), this means it will not have the newest features such as waiting lists, and the flag removal when events starts, etc (setup time wont apply to this event, cause its not a team event). So if there is any issues at all with this event, please let us know. Only other event left is Raid Battle Event. Keep in mind the reason for all this rewriting and all that is to make it easier to add new features to events and make it easier to make new events all together.
- Possible fixes for the CTF issues we are having sometimes (sometimes there is still a flag NPC at someones base after someone took their flag, just in case the fix doesnt work we blocked the ability to cap the flag if there is a Flag NPC at your base when your enemy actually has your flag).
- Re disigned the news window, our old one was nasty.
- People like to cry about elixer drops in invasion and rabbit events, so we lowered their drop rate by half and you will get plain ol adena drops instead part of the time.
- Fixed an issue with dying in TvT, sometimes players would get stuck.
- various other small fixes/clean ups.
- On another note, some random donation changes, for the most part a few things are lower prices and there are a few more options.
- Added a new setting to .options, players can now choose the color of their soul shot based on grade, and of course it will be saved!
- Clans can now get rid of the clan join penalty at the GM Shop > Voting > Remove Pen., but it has restrictions.
- Players can now drop the food for the Crystal Golem in crystal caverns (but i think there is another quest problem up ahead).
- fixed a small issue where peoples TW quests would progress by killing enemies in events.
- made it where if a player defaulted before an oly match started (like they bought/withdrew a bunch of items after they signed) they will only lose 1 point instead of 1/5th of their points.
- Players can now use the command .afk in oly, and when people respond to the .afk window there will now be a small animation to represent they responded.
- Added a new FaQ section titled "How do i report a geodata bug", use it to report geodata issues!
- We changed our settings for mobs/summons using pathfinding to be more specific/accurate, though it should use up more system resources, so this is kinda being done as a test to see if it effects performance much.
- When events now start (just the rewritten events with our new engine, TvT, CTF, CTP, KOTH), players will have their cubics removed, if they are not a typical class to summon cubics. This will prevent people from entering events with mass summoned cubics from summoners.
- We have made raid drops more user friendly, especially on epic raids, for example instead of Valakas droping 40 to 60 kinship crystals as one drop, it will drop several drops of 4 to 6 kinship at a time in seperate piles (dont worry the drops are still the same overall), this should be better for party distrobution.
- Increased the RB event's minions P Def/M def vs HP ratio , meaning its harder for people to deal damage to them.
- Fixed a problem with how Frintezza/Freya/Beleths respawns were handled, that sometimes caused them to spawn sooner then they should (keep in mind this bug may trigger one final time at the time of this updates restart, but not after that).
- Gave .options a much needed makeover, all options have an explanation button now as well so people know what they do.
- Added allblock to .options, it will also be saved like other options now.
- We are now tracking Event wins, Losses, DCs and how many times you been punished for .afk, we may make the wins/losses avaialble to the public in the near future, that afk/dc tracking will help us pinpoint players abusing events by just logging out if they are losing etc.
- Added some extra bot countermeasures for the forums, we been being attacked by spam bots alot lately, this should slow it down.
- Fixed Soul Cloak of Freya, its teleport skill was porting you to the wrong area.
- Fixed a problem with the active Fear augment only lasting about a second, thx xantos for reporting.
- Soul Ores weight has been cut in half.
- Zaken will no longer port around if his hp is very low.
- Some updates to our mini invasion event, Gms now have the control to pick which town gets invaded rather then it being random, there will be earthquakes/redsky when the event starts, guards are now also spawned to fight mobs to give a more war/battle atmosphere.
- Another new GM has been added to our GM team, theer name is Bahamut.
- Adjusted Freya's stats some, and added Ice Queens Tiara to her drops.
- The problems in regards to players flagging/disappearing in oly and other areas should now be fixed.
- An Events map name will now be visible in the events .command window and registration npc etc.
- The blessing of Revelations buff from seven signs can not be alt + clicked to be deleted.
- Problem with everyone Dcing at the end of a RB event should now be fixed (this would only happen if 30+ players joined).
- some CTF updates, its clear there are still come bugs to iron out, just they dont happen every match, made some possible fixes and increasing logging to help find the issues if they still exist.