January and Updates!

01 Jan 2013

Happy new year to everyone! We hope everyone had a good Christmas/Holidays as well. We had an excellent banner contest this last month, that yeilded great results, thanks to everyone who participated. Here is what has changed this last month.


- Fixed a problem with DMS when it was choosing the winner, it wasnt always selecting the person with the best kills when there was a tie with deaths.
- Fixed a problem with RB event, players event deaths were not increasing properly, and they were not getting death messages, thx agree for the report.
- Added a new button to the main page of the Global GK, called "Where to level at?", its simply a button that lists areas with the mob levels next to it, so new players not familiar with l2 can simply find a place to exp for their level.
- For the rest of today and for Christmas, XP/SP/Adena rates have been increased by 50%!
- Fixed an MP Pot issue and problem with pole weapons in the RB event, thx for the report (Yakari about poles).
- Made some geodata fixes in CoT, there were several areas that hindered your movement on small rocks on the floor.
- Made some more geodata fixes to the North Gate of Gludio, there is wrackage/rubble right out of the gate that has terrible geodata.
- Fixed an issue with the RB event after the rewrite.
- Fixed an issue and made some updates to the new CoT entrance mobs.
- The Raid Battle event has been rewritten to work with our new Event Engine, so it will also feature some of our newest features that other events such as waiting lists in the beginning, flagging removal at the beginning etc, due to the nature of the event this event will not be given a setup time. This is the last event we had to adapt to our new engine, a reminder of why we did this, is because it makes it much easier to add new features to events now, and makes it much easier to even add brand new events in the future. Im glad the conversion of events are finally over!
- Added a new mob type to the CoT entrance area, and made some adjustments to existing ones.
- Fixed some problems with the CoT entrance mobs and their spawns not being able to see target after the server has been running for several days, thx khayman for reporting.
- Fixed a problem where winners in DM/DMS would get both the winner prize and the loser prize, this was a side effecnt of the DM/DMS rewrite, thx Adenosine for reporting.
- Fixed an issue with Freya, players would simply drag freya to the front little spawn room to avoid its extra minion spawns, causing the next people to attempt freya to get zerged by the minions they bypassed, freyas minions now spawn around freya, regardless of where she is.
- Fixed a Geodata issue in Gludio castle that made it extremely hard to cast on the artifact, thanks for reporting!
- Added a accessory to the Xmas area of the GM Shop, its headphones, but keep in mind it doesnt make music, its just for looks.
- Some updates to CoT. As many of you know, when you first reach 70 to 72 and go to CoT for the first time, its quite a bit harder than CoD, and since the mobs are 77+ their evasion is a bit high as well so they are hard to hit, so to smooth out this problem we made the front of CoT have some mobs 73 to 75 to make this transition easier.
- Fixed the problem with stockings not dropping as they should.
- Updates the Xmas shop a little more.
- Fixed some geodata issues.
- X-Mas is coming soon, in the spirit of the holidays custom mobs, custom raids, epic raids, events now give Christmas Stockings, they are a form of currency that can be used at the X-Mas area of the GM Shop to redeem prizes.(please note xmas items that say they have a time limit, dont actually have a time limit, they are permanent)
- Fixed a bug with PKs.
- Some NPCs now have a X-Mas theme.
- Fixed a problem where players were flagging when they attacked a player with karma, this problem started happening as a side effect of the DM/DMS rewrite, thx enzo/thesupernatural for reporting.
- The banner contest ends on December 10th! Make sure to submit yours before then! For more information type .contest or check the forums.
- Fixed a problem with a winner being chosen in DMS, after the rewrite it was not functioning properly.
- The color of players names is now saved when you log out, and restored when you log back in.
- Fixed a problem where losers in events were not getting their small reward from TvT, CTP, CTF, and KOTH, this was caused by last nights restart, this is now resolved, thx agree for reporting.
- Fixed a problem where players could not use single target buffs on themselves in DM/DMS, this was caused by DM/DMS rewrite, it is now resolved, thx almost for reporting.