February and Updates!

01 Feb 2013

As many of you already know we are currently having a video contest, it is set to end on February 9th so make sure you submit your entry by then. Other then that there is some big updates coming later this month so keep your eye out for them.


- Some players are now banned and got their oly points removed, for more information check the forums > General section.
- Olympiad requirement for class irrelevent matches now needs 6 players to sign up.
- You will notice the lack of updates this week, but for good reason, we will be introducing a great new feature to the server soon which has been taking up most of my development time, soon meaning most likely with in the next few weeks, and definately by the end of February, so keep a close eye on the updates these coming weeks!
- Players can now type .night to change the game to night time, this was done due to with certain settings Frozen Labyrinth TvT map and Frozen > on the ice can become too bright. Keep in mind it only changes the effect on your screen.
- The new clan ward restirctions are officially in effect. A clan leader can manage their active wards by typing .wards.
- On January 26th (our next territory war date) there will be some changes to wards. The changes are as follows: Clans will only be able to get the effect bonuses of up to 3 wards at once, though a clan may still own more more then 3. The clan leader will be able to choose which clan wards they want to take effect out of the ones they own (up to 3). So it will still be good to own more then 3 wards to make sure an enemy clan wont get it, just you wont get all the effects. This was done because each ward gives +2 base stats, having too much of these is a major balance issue, especially on a server like ours with high rate settings.
- Fixed an issue where players could log out right before an event ported you back to town to get the event colored named, which people were using to get red names...
- Migrated Nymphs juice drops to wedge, cause people rather kill a nymph and run, then to kill the whole group.
- Some of you may not like this, but we have blocked the ability to use summons if the summons level is way to high for you, for example if you rebirth and your level 40 and try and use a summon that is 76, its not going to work unless you get closer to that level first.
- Improved automatic database cleaning ability, to help get rid of junk such as non existing characters .options setups, buff schemes, and more.
- Removed the Xmas area of the GM Shop.
- Due to some complications, olympiad will not start for an extra day, sorry for any inconvenience.
- There was a problem with how DMS winners were chosen (ya again, different issue this time though), it is now fixed.
- A new Talisman was added to the Misc Gear area of the GM Shop, its a Accuracy Talisman, price changes have been applied to the talismans in this section, a pop up message now happens when you click this section letting players know that these talismans will not disappear.
- Small updates to new player bonuses.
- Some stat changes to the mobs in the entrance of CoT.
- A Fix to some Beleth issues.
- Blocked the ability to withdraw Adena from wh/cwh if the amount your withdrawing + your inventory adena is over max (so your adena wont disappear).
- Are you having issues seeing accessories such as Warrior's Helmet? If you would like to see them we have created a patch, just to go www.L2Equanimity.com/forums and click the support section for a patch.
- Are you having issues with geodata/getting stuck outside of gludio? If you would like to see the obstacles that are actually in your way just go to www.L2Equanimity.com/forums and click the support section for a patch.
- Had a hardware upgrade, we now have a solid slate drive handling our database and a few other things.
- We are now having a Video Contest! Winners will get great prizes such as boss jewls/ crystal enchant scrolls/ boss cloaks and more. Even participants automatically get a prize, for more information type .contest or check the forums!
- Fixed a problem with blessing of protection, people could still attack them if they were to use AoE + Ctrl, this wont happen anymore.
- More Geodata fixes, Fixed a spot in rune that made it hard to talk to a noblesse quest npc, a few spots in Frozen Waterfalls, and a spot in Lair of Antharas, thanks FreeK and celmor for these reports.
- Removed Christmas socks from Event Drops.
- Fixed a class changing problem while signed for events, thx for reporting.
- Fixed a killing yourself message in tvt, thx xar for reporting.
- Made a GM command in which i can control the oly registration requirement while the server is running (if needed).
- Fixed an issue with several agathions/hats not being depositable/sellable etc, thanks Priscila for reporting.
- Some of you may not know, you can use .afk in oly as well as of a while back, but there is now a new rule, if your enemy is afk in oly you are required to use .afk on them or report them in some way, failure to do so can get you in trouble as well.
- Various Geodata fixes aden castle alter casting issues, and a few spots in town at aden. Oren Alter issues, Dion alter issues, several places in CoT, serveral places in CoD, Some places in VoL, and a bad spot in Orc Village thanks j0hn, celmor, and freek for reporting part of these issues.
- Since the holidays are over, stockings will no longer drop, and the xmas area of the gmshop will be removed soon, so use up your stockings, NPCs have returned to normal.
- Fixed a problem with the RB event, when you type .stats or at the end of the event when your personal stats are shown at the top, it would show an incorrect value for your heals, thx Xantos for reporting.
- The amount of players needed to sign up for open oly has been increased from 4 players to 5.