March Updates!

01 Mar 2013

Its a new month and we have seen a great new feature added to the server, Achievements, players will be rewarded for completing special tasks, with items and achievement points. Players will also be ranked based on these points. Other then that there were lots of other changes, so see below.


- Our server now has a new feature, an Achievement System, similar to that of what you would see on gaming consoles and steam. Players will be rewarded with prizes and achievement points for completing specific tasks, to see a full list of achievements by typing .info and clicking the Achievement button.. This is just the initial implementation of this feature, we will build upon it and add more achievements in time and improve the system, there are currently 25 Achievements. There are bound to be a few bugs, so if you see any please report them.
- Achievement points have been added to your .stats window, and a ranking has been added for them as well.
- The command .timers has been added, certain achievements have a time limit to complete them in, this command will allow you see how much time has passed since you started that task and weather or not the goal time is expired yet.
- A new Weapon Glow has been added to the GM shop Services, if you notice its Nagflars new glow it was added to him about a month ago, to be able to get it you must complete the OCD achievement.
- Added a new Color for Names/Titles, but the Freya Achievement must be completed to unlock it.
- Players may have already completed some of these achievements before they were actually achievements, to recieve your rewards and achievement points go to the GM Shop services "Achi. Claim" (The rewards for noblesse quest are the rewards that players normally get for noblesse quest, so you wont get these rewards a second time, you already got them! But you will be given the achievement points for them), though some achievements such as Murderer (Get 50 PKs) you can get on your next pk (if your over 50 already, keep this in mind).
- Fixed a small issue with rebirthing.
- Made an automatic back up system for the server so we always have a fresh copy of the server on hand in case of problems.
- Updated the raidstatus window to include information about boxing requirements needs to obtain drops.
- Added a new section to our FaQ in regards to new Clans on the server, and the benefits they may be able to get.
- Fixed an issue where Events where saying recruiting levels 80 to 85.. which is not true we recently made S84 a requirement, so the announcements have been fixed.
- All custom raids have had their drops improved some, such as the rate/amount of Blessed Enchant Scrolls, GCM, Kinship and more. I feel more comfortable doing this now that there is box limitations for raids.
- Spoil rates have been increased from x2 to x3, this does not effect custom mobs though.
- Fixed a Giran Castle spawn issue, it would make dwarves spawn semi underground sometimes. Thanks leetasmeat for reporting.
- Added S80 PvP Weapons to the GM Shop.
- A reminder, by the end of the month there will be a great new feature added to our server, keep an eye out on the news window for when its released!
- We now have a new promotion to help bring people to the server, NEW clans (not already existing older ones) that contain 6 or more new characters to the server, will be granted a level 6 Clan with 20k rep points, and a free fortress (if one is available). To receive this the clan leader will have to submit a request via email at ( or to Balls on the forums in a PM. That outlines the name of their new clan, and the name of each player that is new to the server from their clan, these players will have to be verfied as new for this to work, the verification process may take up to 24-48 hours.
- Some of you may not like this, but there is now box limitations for all custom and epic raids, if these boxing conditions are not met the raid will drop nothing, the requirements for now as follows (Amount of players needed that are not from the same WAN & LAN IP, this is subject to change): Custom raids = 4, Orfen and Core = 4, Antharas/Baium/Freya/Beleth/QA/Frintezza = 6, i think valakas is fine due to its fairly difficult as is. People who do not keep up with the news that dont read this will NOT be compensated when they realize they did not get any drops, dont even try it.
- Fixed an issue that would prevent players from attacking other players that were sending them trade/clan/friend invites.
- Made it where starting bids for clan halls start a bit higher starting from 8b to 15b depending on grade.
- Fixed a problem with the new lowered conditions for enchant glows from last restart, it stated you can use them at +10 or higher now instead of +15, but there was an issue with that and it was not letting you get the glows in the new 10 to 14 range, this is now fixed.
- Fixed an issue with the new ward system, it was not letting clan leaders remove active wards they no longer owned (due to possession changes after TW), but now they can, thanks Kaye for reporting.
- Players can now access choosable weapon glows with a weapon of +10 or higher rather then +15 or higher.
- Fixed an issue with TvT where sometimes players would not get auto rezed in 20 secs properly when they were killed.
- Fixed an issue with the Skill Divine Power and the Masterwork effect Holy Spirit, they were only giving healing bonuses to the user, these particular skills should give the heal bonus to anyone you heal, thx nabxer for the tip to investigate it.
- A problem with events should now be fixed, if players dced while it was porting players into the event, they would be added to the event incorrectly where they were not actually part of the event and could go out of bounds etc, rejoining events from a DC while in the teleporting to event phase is now blocked.
- The requirements for joining Events and Oly have increased to need atleast S84 Gear, and being level 84 or higher.
- If you would like to vote for which events get new additional maps next, check out our forum's server development section.
- There is now more limitations to the Group Instance, you cant enter/kill the raid in there with all boxed characters from the same PC, this condition also applies to TRex/FoR mobs.
- A warning, our host provider is having some maintenence on Wednesday February 13th 2013 sometime between 10:00 PM PST (GMT-8) and 3:00 AM the next mmorning Febuary 14th, during that time there could be a DC from the serer in which you wont be able to reconnect for up to 5 minutes.
- A new GM has joined our Staff, their name is Blossom, make sure to give them a warm welcome.
- Olympiad duration is now 1 hour less, and starts 1 hour later then it normally does, but ends at the same time it used to.(this is just experimental and is subject to change)
- The amount of class irrelevant matches a player can play per 4 days has been changed from 34 to 25. This was done to help prevent feeding, and make it where you need to do other match types if you still want to do oly and will limit oly campers.(this is just experimental and is subject to change)