April Updates!

01 Apr 2013

We have had a substancial change this last month, we now have lameguard the best anti-bot system out there, on top of that we had a new patch that introduced more welcomes changes. If your interested to see who has the most pvp points based on class we also have that now too!


- Adena and Exp rates are increased temporarily by 75%, GCM drop rate is also x2 this will last for a few days.
- Make sure your friends and clan mates know you need a new patch to connect!
- The main reason for the patch is We now have lameguard, lameguard may sound like some kind of joke but its serious business, it is one of the best anti-bot software out there and will literally stop 99% of botting, they wont be able to log in with their botting software for the most part. I personally and our staff spend way too much time dealing with bots, doing bot sweeps, running bot tests, banning bots, dealing with bot reports, and dealing with players begging for their accounts back, this will enable us to spend more time on more important things, and potentially retain more players instead of them being banned all the time, an example of this is we have literally banned 20+ accounts in the last week.
- Along with lameguard some other things were changed in client files, such as changing the icon for Beleths ring so people cant set up scam shops tricking people, because beleths ring and dynasty ring looks the same, more weapon glows for future use were added, updated some skill/item descriptions to make more sense such as our blessing of protection buff, some rebirth skills and more.
- Also added 2 new system message that can be enabled in .options to notify you when you landed a debuff with a system message and a pop up message, and also the ability to make pop up crit messages these are enabled by default, but feel free to turn them off if you dont want them.
- A new .options setting has been added Path Nodes, if you enable it and you click somwhere to move to that has an obstacle in the way the server will attempt to find a path around that obstacle and take you to the your clicked destination, but keep in mind these paths are not always perfect and can sometimes send you in an odd inconvenient path instead, so this is why this is a configurable option.
- CP pots have been changed, most of you know that there are a lot of people who use 3rd party programs to spam them while they fight in pvp, which gives a huge unfair advantage to those players, so the CP pot reuse time has been adjusted to help even the playing field, this may be adjusted more.
- Fixed a problem with our new PvP rankings based off class, it wouldn't let you select Moonlight sentinel, it would give you an error message if you did, also the listing for cardinal was incorrect it showed the wrong class ranks.
- Fixed/lessened an issue with symbol skills with 900 range such as Cyclone/Volcano, etc saying "cant see target" in most areas (except when clicking next to you), this should not be an issue anymore.
- During Territory Wars, when someone takes a ward it will announce who has it, when someone drops it, it will announce it/who, and when a clan finishes casting it on their outpost it will announce that their castle now owns that ward.
- Lowered the starting price of clan halls a bit, the previous change may have been a bit too steep.
- Due to player feedback, and tracked data, it seems like the Goliath Sucks Achievement is a bit harder to complete then expected, due to how often you will actually encounter one, so the following has been changed: The rewards for this achievement has been increased in several ways, including increased Elemental Stone reward, and you even get Goliath's Duals! The Achievement points for this has been increased, and the difficulty now says Hard, instead.
- Now when someone makes a new character on Screen Damage, and PvP announcement settings are set to on, instead of off, to change this just type .options.
- Fixed some issues with the new class based PvP rankings, Phonenix Knight was not listed, and it was giving some error messages.
- Now when players tie for a top player position in an event and the Kills vs Deaths is even, it will now check Damage Done to decide the winner instead of being random at that point.
- Fixed some agathions in the GM Shop > Fishing section, they had time limits on them again from a l2j sync a long time ago, but remember they will still say (30 day limited period) for example, but they wont actaully have a time limit.
- Fixed a problem with the Deleveling service, players could cheat the Grade expertise due to past code changes.
- Fixed an issue with rebirthing, your summon is now un summoned when you do this.
- Fixed an issue with Arachnite, you could not see the icon for his stun, and you couldnt cleanse it, additionaly fixed several other custom mobs debuffs that were not cleansable.
- Due to daylight savings time in the US (where the server is hosted) things will be 1 hour earlir for those places who have not had their daylight savings change yet, im pretty sure Europe's change is at the end of march.
- Sorry for the last minute heads up, but during March 10th Daylight savings time will take effect which could possibly make seiges 1 hour earlir (but it might not too...) we will see.
- Fixed several Achievement typos, image issues, and some extra details added to some descriptions.
- Fixed Prehistoric Killer and Extreme Achievements, should give +1 to all unique members to the party instead of just the last hit, unique meaning different WAN/LAN IP
- When the Instance Mutilation is completed now it will make sure to only give + to the Mutilation Achievement and a Silver Fairy to unique players only.
- Now when you type .stats and check top PvPers, you can sort them by class, for example you can check who is the titan with the most PvPs.
- Updated the Claim Achievement GM Shop service page to include some more info/cleaned it up. People kept saying they were not getting their noblesse rewards, your not supposed to you already got them when you originally completed the quest, so this was clarified.
- Made it where you can kill players who have a Territory Ward equipped out side of siege ground with our going red.
- An extra window for rebirth confirmation has been added, to help prevent players from accidently rebirthing.
- Now when a player updates their achievement status a small animation will happen every time, instead of only on set intervals (like 5/10) and when completing it.
- Added Dynasty PvP Weapons to the GM Shop.
- The hat Red Flame of Valakas (Which drops from Valakas). Is now tradable, sellable, depositable.
- Fixed an Issue with Frintezza, players were able to make a new instance of it while other players were already doing the instance.
- The effect of Blessing of protection (Making it where players 4 or more difference from eachother cant kill/pk eachother unless flagged) has changed to 3 or more levels instead.
- A couple of small donation updates, also in the special offers section we will now have limited time sale on atleast one item which will last a few weeks at a time, so keep checking back.