June and May Updates!

04 Jun 2013

We have had a rocky last few months due to being targets of DDoS attacks, and some other problems such as some ISPs having our IP blocked for many users. Though things are finally turning around we now have a DDoS protected dedicated server thats actually functioning properly, well atleast so far! So we are finally beginning our recovery from these issues and due to this you will notice there is substancially less updates these last few months then the norm, but things are returning to the way the once was, which means regular updates again.


- Recently re-added Giants Codex to the Fishing area of the GM Shop. It was previously removed due to fish botters. Though this should no longer be a concerns cause we have lameguard now.
- Now when players PvP in FoW and someone dies, the PvP Announcement system will specifically say "Field of Whispers (FoW) PvP Zone", the system normally gets the client name for the area, but that could mis inform players. So this will clarify exactly where they are at PvPing for this area.
- Fixed a problem where no NPC window would pop up while talking to a DM/DMS event manager under certain conditions. Thanks Lifter for the report!
- It has some to my attention that our old reuse for QHP (Quick Healing Potions) was no longer in effect, it has been re applied.
- If your not sure how to get Quick Healing Potions a new FaQ section has been added for them.
- QHP has been blocked in events.
- Fixed a problem where undead summons were not effected by undead attacks such as might as heaven. Thanks Nacha and others for reporting.
- We are currently having a DOUBLE Kinship/Cracked Kinship Crystal drop rate weekend, please note this applies to actual drops, not from things such as events.
- Fixed a problem where clan skills (such as Victory of Paagrio) were not working on clan members in FoW, thanks decipher for reporting.
- The .info tip list, automated tip announcements, and the FaQ have all been updated. Updates include information about FoW, Foundation items, and other bits of info. - The special offers in the donation section have been updated.
- For those of you are interested and paying attention to our current issues. We have ordered a NEW DDos protected server with a completely different company, we should access with in the next 3 days, if they keep their word anyway. Then hopefully things work out better then they did with our last DDoS protected server.
- We are happy to announce we now have a new GM on our staff, their name is Caer!
- If you would like to know whats going on with our DDoS protection and our new server, check FB/the forums.
- Finally fixed the issue where when players DC from a boss zone (Valakas, Freya, Antharas, Baium, Beleth), they would be ported to town next time they log in, now in most cases you should still be inside the boss area.
- Fixed an issue with the NPC buffer, if you used manual buffs and not a scheme and chose Chant of Revenge you would only get level 1, now you get level 3 as it should be, thanks littlehell for the report.
- There was a problem in custom PvP Zone FoW AoE skills were hitting clan mates if they were not in party, this is now fixed, thanks silver for reporting.
- Some changes to global chat have been made. Some people like to try to bypass global chat reuse delay by logging in alts and using them to shout, this will no longer work, global chat is now IP based and boxed based, so you cant just log in a bunch of alts to abuse shout, but if you are playing from a different PC but from the same IP as someone else the reuse from other players from your IP will only be 15 seconds instead of 30. Example you can still only shout every 30 seconds, but if you have not shouted for lets say a minute and someone frop your IP shouted and your from a different computer, you wont have to wait a full 30 seconds for that other players to expire, just 15, but after you make your shout you will have to wait 30 seconds for your next one.
- Fixed a small issue where sometimes in CTP one team would start out with 15 points. (Needs to be verified as fixed, keep a close eye on it).
- Fixed a small problem with Jet Bike Bracelet it was not depositable when it clearly said it should be, thx Dead for reporting.
- Castle Seige times have been merged together, instead of having 3 castle seiges at a earlir time, then the other 6 after the first 3 are over, we will have all 9 Castle seiges at once, siege times have been updated to a time in between the previous 2 times. The reason for this is to help prevent specific clans from taking mutliple castles with alt clans, and to help prevent clans/allies who dont get a long from disturbing eachothers sieges as much. For example if you own a castle or two and you want to keep them/get another it will be much harder to attack who ever, and defend your own castle at the same time, this will be more fair for everyone. Make sure you check the GM Shop > Services > Seige info for the new seige times.
- Fixed a problem where cleanse was not removing throwing daggers debuff effect.
- The price for Giants Codex with Olympiad Tokens was reduces slightly.
- Updated our FaQ section about reporting olympiad feeders and now gives more information, and about how fraps can enhance your abilities to catch cheaters, this information was also added to the forums abuse section.
- Fixed a problem where charges (sonic focus/focused force) could remove a buff when you were at max buffs, it shouldnt do this.
- The VoL mobs located in our custom PvP Zone FoW (Field of Whispers), now have a 40% higher drop rate then normal VoL mobs, this is subject to change, but take note that this dont change T rex or Nymph drop rates in FoW.
- A New Achievment has been added, one that involves getting kills in our custom PvP Zone FoW.
- PvP announcements will now also include the general region the players are PvPing in.
- Vote Codes now last 4 days instead of 24 hours before they expire.
- It was reported that your enemy hp bar etc disappears often while in oly while near walls, this happens very easily with your .options path nodes set to On, this for the most part should be fixed now, thanks kaye for the report.
- There was an issue with the achievement list where when you would change pages back and forth some achievements would disappear off the page, this is now fixed.
- DDoS Issues Update. We have already bought new DDoS protected hosting several days ago but it may take up to 6 more days for our order for our new server to be ready, and when it is ready we will need time to set up our software etc too. After this we should not be bothered by these types of things again!
- Event prizes are x2 this weekend! Also created a command to do this on the fly. Please note this does not effect top player extra prizes, just winning team/losing prizes prizes.
- Skill enchant rates have increases slightly, when you get down to 3% for example at +25 to +30) it will instead gradually go down from 5 4 and then 3% chance.
- Chain Heals reuse was cut in half.
- Fixed a problem with mobs path finding (the routes they use to chase players etc) i screwed them up with the .options pathnodes setting, they wont just run into walls and get stuck now lol.
- Fixed/Help prevent random items from getting elements added to them, i have pin pointed whats causing this issue, the issue that for example gives your hat an element, or other random items for no reason, it will require periodic maintainence, but for the most part it should not happen anymore, and if it does it will be MUCH rarer cases.