November Updates!

12 Nov 2013

This last month we have seen a pretty big change in the server with the introduction of Bound items and an overhaul of how vote prizes work. These changes are overall for the better and making it easier for new players to start out, and progress in the server as a whole. Our future plans are to continue to work in this area as well.

Highlights: Bound Items, Vote reward overhaul!


- We are changing the castle siege rules again, our most recent changes were pretty much to test to see how it goes. Does it protect against clans taking too many castles? Yes, but it also causes less action at castle sieges. We are going to draw back the restrictions a little, to try to be somewhere in between the old and new rules. A clan may now own 2 castles at a time (through alt clans or w/e), but keep in mind we already made siege changes when we changed the rules last time, that makes it harder for alt clans to capture castles due to us fixing the resurrection rules. (You can not rez in sieges anymore unless you have your Headquarters up or your life towers up, so basically you need to be signed for those benefits)

- Fixed a problem with Enhance back up stones they were not working in some situations like +9 items, when they actually should work on them. Thanks asa4kira for the report.

- Fixed a problem where Flame Hawks debuff effect was not being removed with cleanse skills, thanks Flextron for reporting.

- Fixed a problem with the augment skill stealth, its duration was not consistent with how we have our active augments. Thanks Flextron for reporting.

- Fixed an issue with Spark Cubic, thanks Meiun for reporting.

- Deleted Greater Healing Potion drops from Zakens minions, to prevent screwing up by turn drops and littering everywhere.

- Damage done on summons in Olympiad is now counted towards your overall damage.

- You will no longer see war icons from other players that are in Anonymous PvP mode, or in events, this means DM/DMS too. They could somewhat be used before to help distinguish your target and they really are not needed in events anyway.

- The event prize for a tie has been increased, instead of getting 1 gray pouch like  it was a loss, you will get 2 gray pouches instead.

- Fixed a problem with the notification for voting that would trigger after you log in that checks to see if you voted or not. The check was incorrect so we disabled it, now its ok and re-activated.

- Apparently players were able to use add/remove dyes from the .info menu while in Olympiad. This is now blocked.

- Some minor auto announcements and .info tips changes.

- In another effort to give new players a hand. Enhance Backup Stones are now available through a few methods, and more to come. These items can be dragged into the 3rd box while enchanting to increase your enchant rate, but they only work on enchants 7, 8, and 9. In other words it helps get items to +10.

- Increased the rewards to some newbie achievements, some of which you can now get Enhance back up stones from completing. Such as a Noblesse Achievement, and Learning the Ropes 3 Achievement.

- Some other achievements got some reward boosts as well, they are achievements we were afraid that some people may farm for items with alts, so we were very conservative before, but now we enhanced them with Bound items, so its not a concern. Effected Achievements include Vows, Supporter 1, Antharas.

- A new Achievement was added, called Fisherman, it involves catching fish.

- The solo instance now has a chance of giving new players Enhance Backup Stones from Blistering Fleshes rather then the Blistering Flesh being empty.

- We are currently having a Banner Contest. Winners can get Donation Credit, Crystal Enchant Scrolls (100% Enchant Rate) and more. This time there is 2 categories, and twice the winners and rewards! Type .contest in game for more information or check the forums.

- Fixed a problem with summons not despawning when killed under certain conditions (they could not be respawned unless you restarted when this happened). This was a side effect of an update a few weeks ago. Thanks Fireman for reporting.

- Updated automated announcements and .info tips.

- Added a notification for when a player fails a Blessed Enchant letting them know its at +7 after it fails, some people do not pay attention before so they end up thinking their gear is +0 and enchant it normally and blow it up.

- Added a notification for when a clan signs up for a castle, telling them about our castle siege rules, and that will mean no one has an excuse saying they dont know them.

- Added a notification for when a player kills a champion, making sure they know all the benefits to killing a champion such as 330% more Adena, x2 drop rate for other items, extra ckc.

- Added a notification for new players only, when an events registration starts that is in Limited mode, they will be notified about this mode and how its made to help give them an edge.

- Added a notification that will trigger a few minutes after you logged in if no one has voted from your IP the last 24 hours it will tell you about vote rewards, and how it helps the server. Remember notifications can be blocked.

- A small update was made to our Baium quest on our website, making sure players dont make a mistake and use their 1 Blooded Fabric before getting their 9 extra fabrics, otherwise they will be stuck.

- I updated our patch on the connect page. There was a problem with hats like Flame of Valakas, when dropped on the ground it could not be seen because the client did not have a texture assigned to it, now it does. So make sure you download this if you plan on raiding Valakas, if you dont you wont be able to see this hat drop.

- Some aspects of our vote system has changed, now when you vote you automatically get a Lucky Trinket item, this is a custom item that grants you the ability to obtain 10% more Adena per mob, but the item only lasts 24 hours. Please note you can only see this item if you downloaded our new patch last week.

- Other vote changes include instead of having certain prizes when you reach x amount of votes you now get a randomized prize every single time you vote, for what you can get and the %s chance for each item type .voteinfo. Overall they are more rewarding then before.

- New players automatically have a Lucky Trinket item when created (the item for 10% better Adena drops).

- Drop bonuses in FoR (Fortress of Resistance) has been increased. You now get 10% drop bonus per unique player (over 2) instead of 7.5% per unique player (over 2).

- The group Instance now also gives a random bound item at the end to all unique players, the reward will either be a Bound GC, Bound GCM, or Bound Top 84 LS.

- New player bonuses have been enhanced, with taking advantage of bound items. One of the potential problems before is if we made new player bonuses too good, people would just make limitless new characters to farm the rewards, but with bound items, this helps us make it more rewarding with out that risk.

- Fixed a problem with the skill Dread Pool, you could click anywhere (the ground next to you for example) and the effects of the debuff would been removed.

- Fixed a several .command shortcuts going to the wrong place or no where at all such as .rules was going to the rates section.

- Players will receive a system message telling them they gained x amount of % Adena bonus from a mob, when a mob is killed, if you have a Lucky Trinket.

- Custom Town NPCs will have a Halloween theme for the rest of the month.

- GM Ravens made an optional patch and posted it on our forums server development section. The patch changes the music in towns and some other places to Halloween themed music instead, for more information check the the forums.