December and Updates!

13 Dec 2013

It is the last month of 2013, our goal of easing the process for new players joining the server is becoming a reality, we have made a lot of progress and we will continue forward. Some major things we have seen this month is anonymous olympiad, Bound Armor sets, and Noob Scrolls, read below for the whole list of updates!

Highlights: Anonymouse Olympiad, Bound Armors, Noob Scrolls

- Olympiad has been changed. We have made it pretty much anonymous like DM/DMS, and Anon PvP Mode. Random Genders, weapon glows, no hair accessories or capes, random names, Hero glows are not shown, no war tags, no clan tags, and more. Players chats are completely blocked while in oly as well. I am tired of the feeding, and its too much of a burden on us to try and police Olympiad, it was an unrealistic goal. This will not stop feeding, but i think it may help it. Considering we closed down 3v3 and Class based oly, irrelevant matches is the only way to play, and its hard to fight who you want, and now harder to know who they are too. With all this in mind, we will no longer police Olympiad in regards to feeding, unless its something such as someone completely taking off their armor, or going afk, which are extremely easy to decipher weather or not its a feed. All of this is subject to change, if we do not like the results we may try other things.

- Depending how the Oly changes go, we may make it where clan members dont just get 1 point from fighting each other.

- .oly and .stats have been updated to say You when targeting yourself, that way you will not know your fake name while in anonymous modes.

- Created a new player tracking system that will help let us know how many new and unique accounts that are made each day that are not from existing players. This will be a very valuable tool for us to test the effectiveness of various types of advertising/changes we make and more. This may not sound like a big thing, but its really useful.

- Fixed an issue with some bound armors set bonuses.

- Fixed other various issues with bound items such as some being droppable when red, thx for the report.

- Added Elegia Bound Armors to the Noobs section of the GM Shop.

- Bound Enchants and Bound Blessed Enchants have been added, but can only be used on Bound Items.

- New players now get additional Noob Scrolls when voting, this does not apply to old players.

- New players now start with the title L2 EQ New Player.

- Updated our news image for our news window, thanks GM Caer for making it!

- Fixed an issue with Vesper Thrower pieces/recipes dropping, thx Trancex777 for the report.

- Fixed an issue with some MoS spawns, thx Trancex777 for the report.

- Custom Town NPCs have reverted back to normal from the Halloween Theme.

- Donation Special offers and numerous donations have been updates, check them out.

- You are going to need to download our new patch we just uploaded today (11-7-13) to see some of the new stuff in this update, so do it! Just go to and click the connect page, the link is there.

- Bound armors and other items have been added, some will be introduced later though, but they are in the patch.

- Noob Scrolls have been added, its a new non tradable currency that new players automatically have in their inventory when they start the server. You can gain extra noob scrolls by doing events and instances (Only new players will get them, if your old you wont get them).

- A new section to the GM Shop has been added called the Noobs section, its an area where new players can purchase Bound items with their Noob Scrolls.

- New player bonuses have been adjusted some, now he Bound GC, GCM, and LS you get through bonuses now start in your inventory on new players.

- The overall concept here is to make it fairly easy for new players to start out here, there will be additional updates to add on this soon.

- Bound armors/pieces are interchangeable with normal armor sets, for example if you have half Bound Vorpal set half normal Vorpal set you will still get the Vorpal set bonus.

- Fixed a problem where you could not put elements on Dynasty Crusher PvP, thanks voyager for reporting.

- Daylight Savings Time ends in the US on November 3rd, this can effect castle siege times and olympiad times, keep this in mind!

- Olympiad class based and 3v3 competitions are now blocked, seems like most of the time its used its suspicious matches that we cant always get enough proof on.

- There is a lack of updates this week, because there is an update that I have been working on that needs some more time should be ready next week. I feel that  it will help the server a lot. Stay tuned to find out what it is.

- A reminder, the banner contest ends on November 5th! Make sure to get your banners in soon! Dont forget that this time there is 2 categories which means twice as many prizes to give out!