January and Updates!

12 Jan 2014

It is now January, happy new years to everyone! We have experienced a lot this year, and the server is evolved substantially in a good way. I can only see this trend continuing, by becoming even better. Thank you to all of those who have supported us thus far. Here is our updates from this last month!

Highlights: Xmas Event, New Player Tracker

- Due to anonymous Olympiad, clan and ally penalties have been removed. So you wont get just 1 point from them anymore.

- Fixed a problem where events were not giving xmas socks, thanks for the report.

- Fixed an issue with deadly roulette.

- Fixed a problem where you could attack your own summon and get damage contributed to your overall damage in Olympiad. Thanks for the report.

- Noob Scrolls were added to the .items menu, and now when you click the Noobs area of the GM Shop it will have the full information about noob scrolls about how to get them, what they are for in a pop up.

- Fixed an issue with some fear augments, thanks Voyager for reporting.

- Our yearly xmas event is upon us, now custom mobs, raids, voting, and events give Christmas socks that can be used at xmas gm shop section, this section will be removed sometime next month.

- New items were added to the Xmas shop this year, take a look, but remember items that say limited time, dont actually have a time limit, we removed those.

- NPCs have been converted to an xmas theme.

- Clan Halls weekly rent has been increased by 250m, so top grade halls are now 950m, mid grade 850m, and lowest grade halls are 750m.

- Created a new forum section called Class Discussion, check it out.

- Updated .oly command got rid of the stuff we dont need anymore and added the amount of people needed to start oly.

- When you go to observe an Olympiad match it will now say the class names of the players rather then Unkown.

- The commands .oly and .stats can no longer be used on targets that are in anonymous situations, like oly, dm, or Anon PvP mode in FoW.

- We have updated our making a hostname guide on our website, due to no-ip changing their layout.

- We have updated our new player tracking system to be more effective, and easily be able to track down these players in game to help them.

- Now when you enter Olympiad, you will receive a system message telling you what type of class you are going to fight against.

- When players join Olympiad, it will try and put everyone on the same type of arena, but it will still be random, for example it will randomly pick on of the 4 arenas when matches start (lets say its the Grassy Arena), but then everyone will have that same arena type (Grassy Arena for everyone, but it will be different for everyone next time), or at least in most cases.

- Fixed a problem with Anonymous Olympiad, we did not properly block chats last restart.

- Updating Anonymous Olympiad, it was showing players real names at the end of the match, it will now say the anonymous names instead.

- Fixed a problem with Bound Striped Mithril Shirt (CP) it was not giving the CP bonus at +4 or more, thanks DualKiss for reporting.

- Players can no longer Rebirth while red, it makes it too easy to get rid of karma.