February and Updates!

24 Feb 2014

We have entered the month of a February. I can confidently label the new player tracking system successful it has drastically improved new players out look in the server, and encourages them to stay longer, and makes them more likely to contact GMs if they have any questions down the line. In combination with all the work on new player bonuses the last several months, things ae looking great!

Highlights: More Achievments, Name Changes, Various Improvements

- Starting next restart (Thursday the 6th) clan hall weekly rent will be increased to the following 3b, 2.5b, or 2b (depending on the grade of your clan hall), this may sound like a lot, but you can get that from a single events prizes and clan halls will automatically be removed from clan leaders who have not logged in for 6 or more weeks. These changes are being made so that its harder for alt clans/inactive clans to hog clan halls from new clans joining the server.

- You will now be automatically notified about the new clan hall regulations stated above when you try to bid on a clan hall.

- Added a notification for noob players about how global shout/region shout works, they will be notified if they shout enough.

- Our Auto Safe service now supports Bound Scrolls. If the item your enchanting is bound and you have enough bound scrolls to make that item +7, you will be prompted to use your bound scrolls. If you dont have enough, you will be asked to use normal scrolls.

- The reuse delay for the refresh augment has been decreased, it was 10 mins, now its 5 mins. This is subject to change though if it causes issues.

- Fixed an issue with Protection of Elemental triggering the wrong effect, the effect changed in the (Epilogue?) update, so ours was outdated. Thanks DownTown for reporting that there was something wrong with it.

- Due to too many requests for name changes the price has changed to 250 GE, the faq section has been updated to reflect this change.

- Players are now allowed to change their characters names via Gold Einhasad, it will cost 160. To do so, simply contact balls, it will be done manually. This is an experiment though, items needed are subject to change, and if i dont like the results it could be removed.

- Added a faq section about changing your name.

- Increased the drop rate of Knight Epaulettes some from fortress sieges.

- Fixed a problem with some Dynasty PvP weapons not being elementable, thx mochilera for reporting.

- Fixed a problem with Augment skills not refreshing their reuse when you enter Olympiad, if the weapon you entered with had an augment it would have refreshed, but other weapons you had that were not equipped that had active augments, they were not refreshing. Thanks Decipher for the report.

- The xmas area of the GM shop has been removed today, as stated in the update 2 weeks ago.

- The NPC Buffers layout has been somewhat redesigned.

- Some of you may have already noticed, a few days ago we updated many html windows, like the gm shop, .info categories and more to not close out your window when you click on a button (inst most case) to be more efficient and user friendly. For example before when you clicked the augment option the GM Shop it will close your window and then open the augment window. Now it will keep your window open and open an augment window too. So you can easily keep augmenting/remove augments from that window.
- Fixed an issue with Chain Heal, it was not healing party members as it should, thanks sugarlips for reporting.

- As previously stated last week, xmas socks will no longer drop/be obtainable today. But the xmas area of the GM Shop will still be available for one more week and will be removed January 16th. So remember to use up your remaining socks!

- NPC themes have returned to normal.

- More updates to the new player tracker system. Making it even easier for me to track these new players, talk to them, in an efficient manner.

- Part of the community window is currently disabled, this is on purpose, as a part of an experiment. Dont report it as a bug please.

- We are having a Double Kinship Crystal/Cracked Kinship Crystal drop rate weekend, enjoy!

- Fixed a problem with the .augment command, and the buttons in the .info menu and GM Shop services for augmenting. They stopped working due to some updates yesterday.

- Fixed an issue with TvT getting stuck while porting to an event. The problem was caused by last restarts changes.

- Added an Achievement called Democracy, it involves voting for events.

- Added an Achievement called Speedster, it involves being the first player to activate a fresh hill in KOTH.

- The color name you unlock from doing the Freya achievement was not allowing you to receive it after an update a few weeks ago, this is now fixed. Thanks Despina for reporting.

- Fixed an issue with the Noobs section of the GM Shop. Bound Vorpal Shield was missing, and a few other issues there. Thanks Psychosadistic for reporting.

- Some of you may know during Sunday December 15th, there were some issues logging in for several hours. We have made some changes to prevent this from happening in the future.

- Some may not like this, but we have disabled the Path Nodes setting from .options. As some of you may know there are sometimes coordinate synchronization issues in Olympiad, or in sieges even, anywhere really that has obstacles and people being close to them. Path Nodes contribute to this issue and can make it happen more often, that is why we are removing it.

- We have added a Warehouse sorting configuration to .options, before it was enabled by default, it allows you to sort your warehouse in various ways before seeing the withdraw window, but if you turn it off you wont get any prompt, and should be more convenient for people with not much items in their warehouse

- Xmas socks will stop dropping on January 9th, and the Xmas area of the GM Shop will be removed the following week on January 16th. So make sure to use them up!