Scheduled Downtime

19 Aug 2014

We will be migrating to a new host SOON (approximately Wednesday around 4:00 PM PST GMT-7 which is 24:00 GMT+0), because our current host has been giving us too many problems lately, and we want to ensure a great connection for all of our users! Since our IP is changing it may take a few hours (and possibly up to a few days in rare situations for some people) to connect again, why? DNS servers, DNS servers tell the internet which hostnames like to point to which IP, and since our IP is changing your ISP (Internet Service Providers) DNS servers might still think we have our old IP. It really depends on your Internet Service Provider how long it will take for your your DNS server to update and be able to connect again. This is really beyond our control, and is perfectly normal. So please be patient, as this process takes place