July and August Updates!

12 Aug 2015

What we have been working on most lately is to help prevent problems before they actually happen, thus making it where we use more time on more iportant things, like server developement. For example updates making it impossible to lose your items to the GM Shop during exchange (items you dont want to lose), and making sure every clan leader knows (forced notifications they must agree to) that if they give people in their clan wh rights they can withdraw from the warehouse too. Also things like our Character Builder service helps cut back on used time as well. Their were a bunch of background updates as well, with GM tool updates and making things easier to manage. With these types of updates, we further secure our future!


- We have created a new GM Shop Serviced called (Character Builder). This is a service that helps you make your character stronger with tips/suggestions/information. This is just the first implementation of it, so it will get more in depth over time. For example right now it checks for things like Weapon Resist rebirth skills, Making sure you have Divine Inspiration maxed out, Make sure you have last breath type rebirth skills, making sure you are noble, checking for sleep/bleed/hold rebirth type skills, making sure you are max level, and making sure you have your certs maxed out. In the future we plan on class specific recommendations, and dye set ups etc. So if you are wondering how to make your character stronger, see if it says anything for you! Enjoy.

- Fixed an issue when a clan removed its penalty at the GM shop with GE, and the server restarted with in that 24 hours, they were re-given back the penalty. This is now resolved and wont happy anymore.

- Various GM tool updates to help make things easier to manage!

- .newbie > Which clans recruit new players has been updated! Dont forget to contact us if you want your clan added here!.

- Now when a player gets a new PvP streak rank upgrade ( every 3 kills in a streak) there will be a global announcement about it.

- Fixed a problem with event scoreboards DCing players at the end of an event we many players signed up. We had too many players online/participating in events recently that the html load of the community board where the scoreboards were at it overloaded the client limit. Now the scoreboard mechanics are more dynamic and will create new pages automatically every 15 players.

- Using Shadow Step and Rush type skills is now blocked if you have the CTF Flag in an event. Please note Warp, Blink, and Hide were already blocked in these situations.

- One of our old GMs have returned, his name is Dudu, you will see him around! If you have any issues with him, feel free to contact Balls directly at balls006@hotmail.com.

- GM events such as HNS and Rabbit Chest Event now have a chance of giving A Grade Weapon tokens, enjoy!

- a new service to the GM Shop has been added called (Pet Exchange) the pet upgrade items in the luxury area of the GM Shop have been removed you will need to upgrade/Exchange them at this service instead, please note you need to actually summon the pet to upgrade them, and reach the proper level and requirements shown on that page.

- Now when Olympiad matches initiate there will be a global announcement for it, letting everyone know about current Olympiad activity, especially if you are interesting in joining and you are not standing around in town to see the normal shouts from the NPC. Thanks for the suggestion!

- in addition to the recent (prevention of loss) updates to NPCs that exchange gear only when its +0 to prevent people from accidentally trading in their enchanted gear, we now also require that the item not be augmented on these trade ins, so they dont accidentally trade in good augmented items on accident too. We dont want people to lose their stuff!

- Due to the above the (warning) messages when entering a shop section that contains these types of transactions have been updated as well.

- Fixed an issue where people could not swap pet items at the GM Shop anymore due to the (prevention of loss) counter measures above, thats partially why we made the new Pet Exchange service.

- Added a few new, yet important faq sections titled (I
- Updated some faq sections with more (related) faq sections towards the bottom.

- .newbie > (Which clans recruit new players) have been updated!.

- Various GM tool updates.

- Now when players access the Warehouse section of the GM Shop they will be prompted with a notification if they are a clan leader in regards to the (Warehouse search) privileged for clans, making sure they know that that privileged on our server allows that player to withdraw from the clan warehouse. To help prevent theft/loss/issues.

- The required GE to rename your clan has been reduced to 500, enjoy!

- Updated the .newbie section about Oath items, including the % enchant rates of Oath items, and about how you can use newbie scrolls on Newbie Bonus Chests.

- Updated .newbie and added a new section that talks about various acronyms on the server like HZ, GI, KC, CKC so new people know what they are, if you can think of a common acronym for our server that is not listed, feel free to suggest to us that it be added to the list.

- Recently increased server stability, it can now run longer with out server restarts/issues.

- Now NPCs that require you to trade in gear (armor exchange, weapon exchange, blessed zaken etc) will NOT take your ++ items by accident, these shops now require +0 items to be traded in, the pop up warning windows have been updated to reflect this change. This is to help avoid mistakes and wasted time and frustrating petitions to help GMs and Players.

- Due to the above change, some people may not always have +0 items to turn in, so we added a new service to the GM shop Remove Enchantments from your gear so it can be traded to these NPC shops if necessary.

- Fixed an issue where Newbie Bonus Chest has a small chance of giving you nothing, thanks Larina for reporting.

- Skrill has been added to .donate as a payment option and also a button on our websites donation page.

- Fixed an issue with Star Fall, its cast time was much longer then retail (which was not on purpose), thanks Eyon for reporting.

- GM tool updates to help make things easier on GMs. On this note, Balls is no longer needed to do special name changes where the name already exists and needs to be swapped between two characters (which are both owned by you, we wont still peoples names). Normal GMs can now do this as well.

- Screwed up something with instanced clan halls last update, its now fixed, thanks for reporting!

- Posted on our website a complilation of the last few months of updates, go check it out!.

- Updated our .newbe -> (Which Clans recruit new players) section.

- In another effort to ease the difficulty for archers on our server they can now VR damage like melee weapons can, however they are some conditions it wont work in PvP/Against players what so ever, it will only work on mobs, but the VR amount for bows is half of what a normal weapon would be.

- .dressme requirements/conditions have been simplifed, there is now no level requirement or grade requirement, if it causes problems (which it may), we will put the conditions back. This was done because a hight % of new players we talk to (think) that .dressme is broke cause they dont read system messages, we want them to experience our features asap!

- In addition to above, its more convenient to do dressme, if your dressme moode is not on it will automatically turn on when you click any weapon/armor in .dressme to look at it.