March and April Updates!

03 Apr 2016

As always we are updating the server! The updates for March and April may not look so big, but in reality there was a lot more that happened that is shown here. I wish we could go in such details, but its not that all interesting for players to know about. Mostly updates on the GM side of the spectrum, making it easier to manage the server for years to come. The more time we save, the more time we can devote to development in the future, which means more updates!


- Fixed an issue where players could not use siege only items like Instant Haste Potion during Territory wars last time.

- Fixed an issue where people couldnt rez during Territory Wars last time.

- Fixed the issue with Territory Wars where if a castle was not owned by anyone (someone gave it up) that the castle was not considered a siege zone
- Removed Knights Cloak from castles, as many of you may know they dont work here, and people have been selling them on the market, thus scamming players and causing problems.

- Updated the website with a compilation of our recent news.

- Updated launcher to show up to date news info, and open links in non small inconvenient windows.

- .newbie > "Which clans recruit new players" has been updated, check it out!

- .rules have been updated to be 100% clear on new siege rules.

- Notifications have been updated for when you sign up for a castle, making sure you know the rules.

- Manual GM Approval for registrations for castle sieges are in effect. This means you wont show up on an attacker or defender list when you register. A gm needs to approve it first, then you will show up. Approval may take up to 24 hours or so. We also may ask questions for questionable sign ups.

- If you are pending approval and no longer want to be registered there is a new remove registration feature in the Siege info section of the services in the GM Shop.

- Created new GM tools to block clans from sieges on the fly if they somehow slipped through the cracks in regards to registration approval or other siege rule violations

- Castle Owners now have the ability to give up their castle if they want to. That way they have the ability to challenge other clans they would not otherwise be able to do, due to siege rules.